Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pictures I forgot to show

Me wearing a German army uniform at the Imperial War Museum in London.

One of the big buildings in Havana Cuba. Dad took this photo because it has Spanish architecture.

Us on the moor in Dartmoor

Some local men on the famous Malacon, a walk along the sea in Cuba

Bubble taxis!!! In Cuba

Us on the great rocks or something near hound tor.

Mum, our tour guide Yoly ( pronounced Joli ), John Lennon and me

Cuba dancing in the streets ( trying to get money it could also be called).

Another Tor ( on the moor ) .

Nick, Yoly and me

Going along a river to get to a Tor ( on the moor ) .

Port Isaac, where Doc Martin was filmed, it was soooo beautiful .

Port Isaac again.

A hooded figure ( namely my brother ) mugging my Grandpa.

Our lovely staying place on the moor.

The changing of the guard ( I couldn't see anything ) ( to many people ).

On the moor,again.

Cuba, Havana again.

On H.M.S. Victory a famous ship.

The beach at our resort in Varadero, Cuba

The beach again.

Around the pool, same place.

Our hotel/resort, same place.

On one of the old double decker buses in London, there are only ten on the road.

Our first hotel room in Florence Italy

The Domo in Florence.

Double decker bus.

On the eye (this is not photoshopped, literally).

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Location:Nong Prue,Thailand

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Arrived in Havana ( the capital of Cuba ) to an awesome hotel called Palacio O'Farrill. The architecture was very 19th century Spanish colonial. They speak Spanish here since they were a Spanish colony and everyone keeps saying I speak Spanish with a French accent. Ha Ha.

This is what our hotel looked like.
We discovered beautiful squares ate lots (and drank lots of lemonade) at restaurants, and talked to Jesus (inside joke, tell ya later) . We went to 2 museums the revolutionary museum and the rum museum and Mum drank a Pina Colada and got caught in the rain. Then we:
-Went on a bus tour
-Went on a walking tour ( with a great tour guide called Yoly. We met John Lennon.)

-dined at a restaurant above cathedral square
-saw lots of bubble taxis

Then we went on a long bus drive to the resort I'm in now. It has 3 pools, 1 beach, 6 floors, 5 restaurants, 3 or 4 bars, 2 theaters and loads more. Been doing nothing really. Apart from getting sunburned and swimming. Oh, and eating.
Got to go
Don't be jealous
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Location:Varadero, Cuba

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sorry, I haven't had Internet for a while

well yes Yma was good it was a review which none of the family had been to before. A review is lots of different songs with dancing and costumes put together. Here is the place it was at. We also did some other things but it's sorta had to remember cause we did so much!

At the moment we are in England and have been for a while. We are at a country cottage near Okehampeton. There are ducks, chickens and goats. I get to help feed them and look after them. There are also 2 dogs.

We have been in London also and stayed in an apartment. We went on the eye.

The London Tower ( which is not actually a tower )

Lots of pubs.

The imperial war museum

The changing of the guard.

HMS Victory.

We walked to a reservoir.

Half of this won't upload so I will post the rest later.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

In Germany still... : )

The day before yesterday we went to the zoo and that was awesome!!! Here are some pictures... We walked for 3 hours practically non stop. Yesterday we went to the Brandenburg gate that was cool. There were lots of people at the Brandenburg gate dressed up getting money for pictures. Eg; a Russian and an American, a Guy painted silver...etc.
Then Potsdamer Platz where there was the Berlin firefighting challenge ( it's hard to explain ). I had my hair cut at the famous KaDeWe store. We had Vietnamese for lunch and Italian for dinner. Lolz
Going to see a theatre production today called Yma ( ee-ma ) so that should be good
Miss you all


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Thursday, September 2, 2010

I've been doing a lot lately

Been in Denmark now in Germany it's great but Denmark was a bit better because we had friends by our side the whole time, and Mette and co. Miss you all, but we saw Peter, my second cousin, and Uter, family friend, last night and got lots of food. We went to the zoo today and that was cool but there was some enclosures that were a bit depressing. Denmark was awesome. I'm sorry I didn't take many pictures, but the little mermaid is in china and there was a screen up showing her. We went to Tivoli and that was the best!!! There were soooo many rides, we didn't know what to go on! How is everyone and hope you're having fun and missing me :D
See ya


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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hello my friends

Hi everyone right now I'm in heathrow airport waiting for our plane to Denmark. Never ever go on a 22 hour flight it's horrible ok?at least you could watch movies and stuff but the time switch over is horrible too.Shudder shudder. At the moment it's like 9:30am or something and for you it's like 4:00? Anyway got to go have a shower we are in the the qantas club it's cool. Byee Caroline

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Packing the most boring thing in the world

Packing thats the only thing in the world which I hate more than homework (or work at all) Mum won't let me make a costume for Crazy Hat/Book Week even though I have a really cool idea until I have finished packing, packing is stupid

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Hello I'm here

Hello everyone I'm bored bored bored bored hihihihihihihi hello

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Where I'm going...

Some of you have been questioning about where I am going so I'll tell you now. I'm going to: Denmark, Germany, England, Cuba, Italy, Laos. You satisfied now? That was in the exact order so comment if you want.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

About my new blog

Hello everyone this is my new blog so i will be posting all my adventures overseas on this. Come to this site in 2 weeks time for my first post from overseas.

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