Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pictures I forgot to show

Me wearing a German army uniform at the Imperial War Museum in London.

One of the big buildings in Havana Cuba. Dad took this photo because it has Spanish architecture.

Us on the moor in Dartmoor

Some local men on the famous Malacon, a walk along the sea in Cuba

Bubble taxis!!! In Cuba

Us on the great rocks or something near hound tor.

Mum, our tour guide Yoly ( pronounced Joli ), John Lennon and me

Cuba dancing in the streets ( trying to get money it could also be called).

Another Tor ( on the moor ) .

Nick, Yoly and me

Going along a river to get to a Tor ( on the moor ) .

Port Isaac, where Doc Martin was filmed, it was soooo beautiful .

Port Isaac again.

A hooded figure ( namely my brother ) mugging my Grandpa.

Our lovely staying place on the moor.

The changing of the guard ( I couldn't see anything ) ( to many people ).

On the moor,again.

Cuba, Havana again.

On H.M.S. Victory a famous ship.

The beach at our resort in Varadero, Cuba

The beach again.

Around the pool, same place.

Our hotel/resort, same place.

On one of the old double decker buses in London, there are only ten on the road.

Our first hotel room in Florence Italy

The Domo in Florence.

Double decker bus.

On the eye (this is not photoshopped, literally).

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