Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sorry, I haven't had Internet for a while

well yes Yma was good it was a review which none of the family had been to before. A review is lots of different songs with dancing and costumes put together. Here is the place it was at. We also did some other things but it's sorta had to remember cause we did so much!

At the moment we are in England and have been for a while. We are at a country cottage near Okehampeton. There are ducks, chickens and goats. I get to help feed them and look after them. There are also 2 dogs.

We have been in London also and stayed in an apartment. We went on the eye.

The London Tower ( which is not actually a tower )

Lots of pubs.

The imperial war museum

The changing of the guard.

HMS Victory.

We walked to a reservoir.

Half of this won't upload so I will post the rest later.

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