Saturday, September 4, 2010

In Germany still... : )

The day before yesterday we went to the zoo and that was awesome!!! Here are some pictures... We walked for 3 hours practically non stop. Yesterday we went to the Brandenburg gate that was cool. There were lots of people at the Brandenburg gate dressed up getting money for pictures. Eg; a Russian and an American, a Guy painted silver...etc.
Then Potsdamer Platz where there was the Berlin firefighting challenge ( it's hard to explain ). I had my hair cut at the famous KaDeWe store. We had Vietnamese for lunch and Italian for dinner. Lolz
Going to see a theatre production today called Yma ( ee-ma ) so that should be good
Miss you all


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  1. Hi Caroline (dad is helping me type this)

    Thanks for the pictures. they look great.

    I too had my hair cut, and mum is really sad because she thinks it's too short - but I love it.

    I hope you keep having a nice holiday and come back soon - we miss you.
    Love Kate and Demi. ooxx

    By the way - Stephanie from next door is back and we hope to see her on the weekend. When are you coming back?