Thursday, September 30, 2010


Arrived in Havana ( the capital of Cuba ) to an awesome hotel called Palacio O'Farrill. The architecture was very 19th century Spanish colonial. They speak Spanish here since they were a Spanish colony and everyone keeps saying I speak Spanish with a French accent. Ha Ha.

This is what our hotel looked like.
We discovered beautiful squares ate lots (and drank lots of lemonade) at restaurants, and talked to Jesus (inside joke, tell ya later) . We went to 2 museums the revolutionary museum and the rum museum and Mum drank a Pina Colada and got caught in the rain. Then we:
-Went on a bus tour
-Went on a walking tour ( with a great tour guide called Yoly. We met John Lennon.)

-dined at a restaurant above cathedral square
-saw lots of bubble taxis

Then we went on a long bus drive to the resort I'm in now. It has 3 pools, 1 beach, 6 floors, 5 restaurants, 3 or 4 bars, 2 theaters and loads more. Been doing nothing really. Apart from getting sunburned and swimming. Oh, and eating.
Got to go
Don't be jealous
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Location:Varadero, Cuba


  1. i got real jealous after the fact that you had 3 pools and a beach and 2 theatres

  2. Hi Caro,
    Big fan of the bubble taxis. They look so awesome! Have fun in your 3 pools, 1 beach, 6 floors and all tat stuff. How can you say don't be jealous!

  3. luved ur blog caro!! r u gonna make another one?
    keep me posted!!
    c ya at school!