Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hello my friends

Hi everyone right now I'm in heathrow airport waiting for our plane to Denmark. Never ever go on a 22 hour flight it's horrible ok?at least you could watch movies and stuff but the time switch over is horrible too.Shudder shudder. At the moment it's like 9:30am or something and for you it's like 4:00? Anyway got to go have a shower we are in the the qantas club it's cool. Byee Caroline

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  1. Irene Said

    Actually it was about 3:12 am when you sent this

  2. Caro,
    22 hours! Geeze.
    Are you LOOOVING it in Denmark? Please answer that one 'cause I really want to know.
    Lazie W.
    PS Miss you heaps! Give yourself a hug and pretend it's from me please!